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January 2023

Crisis Care Continuum - Peer Learning Visit 

OA-28 Letter 

OA-28 Presentation 

February 2023

CJC Community Engagement Initiatives, Grants, and Partnerships

CJC Evolution Over Time

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (JMHCP) Overview for Dane County, Wisconsin Community Justice Council

March 2023

Child-Friendly Visits in Corrections

Madison Police Department Mental Health Unit Updates

Supporting Incarcerated Parents and Children: Implementation of Parenting Inside Out in Dane County Jail

April 2023

CJC-BH SIM Mapping Exercise - 2023 Follow-Up

Community Courts & The Center

Dane County Community Service Program

Evolution of Criminal Justice Reforms

Juvenile Population, Offenses, Arrests, Youth Justice Referrals, and Recidivism in Dane County 2007-2022

Planning and Implementation of a Dane County Community Court Initiative

Pretrial Services Updates

May 2023

2022 Community Courts Initiative Dane County Project Action Plan

Chief Justice’s Summit on Mental Health

Data from a Systems Lens Presentation

Douglas County, KS Treatment & Recovery Center Presentation Pt. 1

Douglas County, KS Treatment & Recovery Center Presentation Pt. 2

Lucas County Opportunity Project Data 2018 to January 2023

Opportunity Project - Measuring Meaningful Change in the Criminal Justice System

Pretrial Justice Collaborative Descriptive & Racial Disparity Analysis

Summary of Adult Deflection and Diversion Programs Dane County

June 2023

CJC Dashboard Updates Presentation

Dane County Data from a System Lens

Equitable System Design in Diversion

National Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Follow-Up Presentation

Restorative Justice Community Court - Avondale presentation and materials

July 2023

Community Restorative Court Presentation

Pretrial Services Department Presentation

August 2023

Restorative Justice Community Court, Avondale Site Visit

September 2023

Analysis of Signature Bonds and Cash Bail



January 2022

Cash Bail in Dane County: Practices and Frequently Asked Questions

Pennington County (SD) Jail Review Team

February 2022

COVID-19 Response - Madison Police Department

March 2022

COVID-19 Response - Courts

Mental Health Court Feasibility Presentation 

Peer Support throughout Dane County

April 2022

CARES Dashboard 2021-22

City & County Leadership to Reduce the Use of Jails- Engaging Peers in Jail Use Reduction Strategies (NLC + PRI)

Maximizing and Leveraging Peer Supports Across the SIM (2022)

Peer Support Roles Across the Sequential Intercept Model (PRA)

PHMDC Violence Prevention Unit & MDCVP Coalition

May 2022

BJA Community Courts Grant Initiative

June 2022

988 in Wisconsin by Wisconsin Department of Human Services

Pima County Site Visit

PSA Legacy Site Partnership with APPR

July 2022

Dane County Jail Trends by JFA Institute

JFA Institute and Dane County Partnership

National Association of Counties (NACo) Familiar Faces Network

August 2022

Community Court Initiative

Crisis Triage Center Update

Examining the Impact of Emergency COVID-19 Decarceration Strategies on Jail Populations and Community Safety by Urban Institute

Jail Reentry Team Meeting Presentation

Pima County Peer Support and Navigation in Pretrial Services

Set, Measure, Achieve (SMA) - Stepping Up

September 2022

Data Dashboards Vision for Future

Familiar Faces Initiative –Technical Advisor Availability

Revocation Hearings presented by Wisconsin Department of Corrections

October 2022

Serious Mental Illness in the Dane County Jail

Set, Measure, Achieve (SMA) in Dane County - Stepping Up

November 2022

Lucas County, Ohio Peer Learning Site Visit

December 2022

APPR Stakeholder Session- CJC Pretrial Subcommittee

Reports Commissioned by Criminal Justice Council 2019 to 2021



January 2021

Criminal Justice 101 Proposal

Key Recommendations for Triage-Restoration Center from Public Comments

Lucas County, Ohio: Jail Population Review Team

Pretrial Services: Overview of Program and Gaps in Behavioral Health Services

February 2021

An Overview of the MDRC Pretrial Justice Collaborative

Community Justice Center Initial Conversations

Flattening the COVID-19 Curve in Dane County by Prof. John Eason

Violence Prevention Public Health Madison Dane County

March 2021

Data-Driven Justice in Johnson County, Kansas: My Resource Connection, Brief Jail Mental Health Screener, and Predictive Analysis

Madison Police Department + District Attorney Mental Health Diversion Collaboration Efforts

Trends in Bail, Releases from 2016-2019

April 2021

Summary of Intercept 2 Priorities from Survey

May 2021

Competency 101: Presented to Behavioral Health Subcommittee

Dane County Jail Race and Ethnicity Disparity Analysis by JFA Institute

June 2021

Best Practices in Pretrial- Moving to a Release Conditions Matrix

Community Justice Center Needs Assessment Process

Dane County and Center for Court Innovation Partnership

Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI)

Madison Homelessness Restorative Justice Project

Peer Support within Pretrial Services and Court Navigation in Nevada

Prevalence of Mental Health Illnesses in the Community and Jail

July 2021

Recovery Coach Programs

Triage and Restoration Center- Briefing and Question and Answer Session

August 2021

Dane County Community Justice Center: Needs Assessment Process by Center for Court Innovation

September 2021

Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) Mid-Year Progress Data

Behavioral Health Resource Center (BHRC) Mid-Year Progress Report

Behavioral Health Subcommittee Timelines from 2019-2021

Initial Appearance Process for Behavioral Health Subcommittee

Intercept 2 Prioritized Recommendations, Programs, and Policies

Needs Assessment on Crisis Triage Center by RI International

Public Safety Assessment (PSA) Visualizations

Review of Consolidated Jail Plan for Dane County by JFA Institute

October 2021

Dane County Courts Community Service Program

Review of Consolidated Jail Plan for Dane County by JFA Institute

November 2021

Defendants Found Not Competent to Stand Trial (2019-2021)

Feedback from Certified Peer Specialists Regarding Barriers and Improvements at Different Points in the Dane County Justice System

December 2021

Fostering a Safer Community: La Crosse County Huber Model


Featured Reports Prior to 2021:



January 2020

Identifying New Opportunities for Deflection and Diversion Programs Targeted at Non-Violent, Misdemeanor-level Offenses by January Advisors (January 2020)

August 2020

Dane County Jail Race and Ethnicity Disparity Analysis by JFA Institute (August 2020)

September 2020

Public Safety Assessment Randomized Control Trial Update by Access to Justice (A2J) Lab at Harvard University (September 2020)

October 2020

Deflection Strategies: Decriminalizing Behavioral Health Crises (October 2020)

Trends in Jail Admission Rates and Average Daily Population (October 2020)

November 2020

Madison Police Department - Behavioral Health Initiatives (November 2020)

Dane County Sheriff's Office and Behavioral Health (November 2020)



February 2019

National League of Cities: Cities Reducing Jail Populations (February 2019)

September 2019

Data Driven Justice - Familiar Faces Workgroup Presentation (September 2019)



April 2018

Sequental Interecept Model (SIM) Report: How Dane County is Moving Forward (April 2018)

June 2018

Dane County - Best Practices Implementation Academy: Implementation Academy to Reduce the Number of People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders in Jails (June 2018)