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Dane County Community Justice Council

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Justice. Equity. Safety.

Focused on maximizing justice, equity, and the safety of the public, the Community Justice Council (formerly the Criminal Justice Council) of Dane County is committed to progress and innovation in all aspects of the criminal justice realm.  Composed of major criminal justice leaders and stakeholders, the CJC strives to make equitable and evidence-based improvements for the county through initiatives such as the Data-Driven Justice Initiative, utilizing the Public Safety Assessment when assessing defendants, and expanding the Community Restorative Court through support from the MacArthur Foundation.  The Council encourages community involvement through monthly public meetings where members of the community are invited to make public comment.


The Dane County Criminal Justice Council shall: (a) provide an on-going forum for collaboration and coordinated leadership among criminal justice agencies, (b) Facilitate the implementation of effective, efficient, data-driven criminal justice policies and practices that maximize justice, equity, and the safety of the public, (c) Monitor and ensure accountability of the criminal justice system, (d) Provide program oversight for criminal justice initiatives.

Dane County Ordinance 15.46